A Queer Céilí at the Marty Forsythe

Sunday 4 Aug
Vault Artist Studios


A Queer Céilí at the Marty Forsythe is an exciting production from Kabosh that explores the turbulent events of the 1983 National Union of Students Lesbian and Gay Conference, held at Queens University Belfast.

Met by large-scale protest from the ‘Save Ulster From Sodomy’ crusade, and mounting tensions within the NUS Executive, delegates were in danger of receiving anything but a warm Irish welcome. That was all about to change when they were offered an invitation from the community in West Belfast to join them at the Martin Forsythe Social Club in Turf Lodge, an invitation that was eagerly accepted…

Set against the soundscape of 1983 Belfast: the escalating Troubles; vocal and violent opposition to homosexuality; and a thriving punk scene, A Queer Céilí at the Marty Forsythe looks at a unique chapter in Belfast’s history and celebrates commonality and camaraderie in the face of adversity.

Written by Dominic Montague, directed by Paula McFetridge

Featuring Paula Carson, Chris Grant, Brendan Quinn and Simon Sweeney

“the combination of pathos and laughter creates moments of remarkably raw and electric theatre” – Alan in Belfast

“a barnstorming performance bringing back to life those heady days when change and revolution were in the air” – Irish Central

“A heartfelt, well-researched play… Montague offers a glimpse of gay life amid sectarianism, violence and bigotry” – The Irish Times

Age: 18+