Friends & Monsters Book Launch, anthology of teen writing inspire by Shelley's Frankenstein

Tuesday 26 November
Fighting Words Belfast @ Skainos Centre
“This not like any book you have ever read. It will make you belly-laugh, give you goose-bumps & tie knots in your brain.” Myra Zepf
To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Fighting Words Belfast created 'Friends & Monsters’ — a cross-community creative writing project for post-primary students, exploring themes of obsession, grief, revenge & loneliness. The result is this collective book — sometimes dark, often silly, always surprising. With stories and poems by young writers from four Belfast schools and the Write Club at Duncairn, this anthology is a rollercoaster ride through the weird, the wonderful, the creepy and the crazy. This is what it looks like when you unleash the hurricane force of teen imaginations into the wild. It can get weird. We can’t wait to show you.