Prophets, Makers and Risk Takers: A Showcase of Writing from Northern Ireland

14 January 2021
9.15am - 5.15pm
Curated by Jan Carson, this year’s Writers’ Symposium aims to bring together leading voices in writing from Northern Ireland to discuss how our writers are approaching global issues and themes; how they are revisiting ideas associated with the history and politics of N.I. but finding new ways to tell the stories; what opportunities exist outside N.I. and how best they might promote their work internationally and finally, what makes writing from Northern Ireland so distinctive. 
Dr Dawn Miranda Sherratt-Bado will deliver the keynote address and participants throughout the day will include writers Nandi Jola, Mícheál McCann, Susan McKay, Darran Anderson and Michelle Gallen, in conversation with Emma Warnock (No Alibis Press), Peggy Hughes (National Centre for Writing), Nora Hickey M’Sichili (Centre Culturel Irlandais), Jim Hinks (British Council), Damian Smyth (Arts Council N.I.), Cathy Brown (Seamus Heaney HomePlace) and Jan Carson. 
The symposium will show the breadth of talent that Northern Ireland has to offer and will give representatives from UK and international literary organisations and festivals an opportunity to sit at the table and take note. 
Presented by EastSide Arts with support from Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 


9.15am         Welcome and Introductions

9.30am         Panel discussion: Contemporary Issues in Northern Irish Writing

10.45am       Panel discussion: New Approaches to the Northern Irish Story  

12pm            Workshop: How to Increase your Presence Outside N.I.

2pm              Panel discussion: Promoting Writers in Northern Ireland Internationally

3pm              Keynote Address by Dr Dawn Miranda Sherratt-Bado

                    “This Must Be the Place": Mapping Contemporary Women's Writing from Northern Ireland.

4pm              A Showcase of Writers in Northern Ireland (video)

4.30pm         Panel Discussion and Q&A

5.15pm         Thanks and close

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