A Thought For Your Pennies

Thursday 1 - Saturday 3 Aug
St. Matthews Sports and Social Club
Thursday - Saturday @ 8pm
Saturday matinee @ 3pm

A Thought for your Pennies… Never judge a cover by its book… Everything will be rain as right… What happens when the world stops making sense?

A powerful human story about family, love and the breakdown of the familiar in living with Dementia. Ray was raised by his grandfather, who lived his life as an International boxer. Unfortunately, Granda’s health regresses with a common condition among older fighters called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, causing rapid deterioration. Ray must now transition from Granda’s student to his carer, whilst also pursuing his own boxing career, the girl he loves and the everyday struggles of life.

Presented by Tinderbox Take Away Theatre Programme

Age 14+
*A limited number of tickets will be available to buy at the venue before each performance, on a first-come-first-served basis*