EastSide Electronics ft. TNI & David Holmes

The Night Institute and God’s Waiting Room Team Up for 1,000-Strong Open-Air Show in EastSide Arts Festival with David Holmes, Timmy Stewart & Jordan Nocturne.

East Belfast will host one of its biggest ever electronic music events on Saturday 29 July as part of the 2023 EastSide Arts Festival.

Two of the city’s leading promoters – God’s Waiting Room & The Night Institute – are teaming up to curate this 1,000 capacity, open-air event in C.S. Lewis Square.

David Holmes, Timmy Stewart & Jordan Nocturne will take over the iconic location with event production by Claire Hall. The team behind this event have played a key role in establishing east Belfast as a hub for forward-thinking music and arts in recent years with regularly sold-out parties in the east and beyond, helping to build Belfast’s reputation on the international stage.

The scale of EastSide Electronics 2023 – one of the biggest music events to take place in east Belfast – shows just how much the city has embraced the independent electronic music scene. As well as representing Belfast globally, independent artists are now regularly selling out local venues.

The event will be powered by a world-class sound system from local suppliers Third Source.

* Event subject to approval by Belfast City Council *

Event Info
Event Category: Music
Event Location: C.S. Lewis Square, 402 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1HH
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