Lands In Between – An Exhibition by Kwok L Tsui and Ben Malcolmson

Opening Reception: Thursday 4th August 6pm – 9pm

QSS is delighted to host ‘Lands In Between’, a two-person exhibition by QSS artist Kwok L Tusi and Belfast based artist Ben Malcolmson.  This exhibition centres on reimagined ways of image making. It attempts to depart from established patterns of material application between surfaces and bodies, framed around occupying political terrains of native and estranged geologic spaces. The artists are interested in how such materiality can connect the past while disrupting and repurposing the present.

Exhibition Dates: 4th to 25th August

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Event Info
Event Category: visual art
Event Location: QSS Gallery, 2nd Floor, The Arches Centre, 11-13 Bloomfield Ave, Belfast, BT5 5AA
Non-Ticketed Event
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