(More) East Belfast Luminaries and Legends, Illustrated Talk

The eye-catching ‘Luminaries and Legends’ mural on the side of EastSide Visitor Centre has proved popular with locals and tourists alike. In this 45-minute talk, East Belfast ‘anorak’ and historian Peter McCabe will detail a dozen other folks who hail from EastSide, all of whom he is keen to feature on any possible second edition of a ‘Luminaries and Legends’ mural. The talk, featuring six women and six men, includes information on the legendary Tommy Patton OBE, world-renowned opera singer Heather Harper, record-breaking cyclist Ena McKeown – and Samuel Cleland Davidson, the inventor of air conditioning! 

Event Info
Event Category: Talks & Discussion
Event Location: EastSide Visitor Centre, 402 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HH
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