Home Project 2019/20 Meet the Artists

The fourth annual Home Project this year focuses on exploring what it means to Belong.

The Home Project is an intercultural arts programme working with Terra Nova Productions to offer professional mentorship to emerging artists as well as the opportunity to gain real experience working in community facilitation.  Working closely with community groups in east Belfast and using arts as a tool, our artists will discuss the theme of Belonging in the context of the diverse communities living in Belfast today.

We were overwhelmed with applications from up and coming artists this year and are pleased to finally announce the four artists who will be taking part in the project.  

Halszka Trabczynska

Halszka is from Poland and graduated from the Fine Art University in Poznan, moving to Belfast over 6 years ago. She likes to live with an “Expect the Unexpected” attitude, as nothing ever goes as planned in her life. In this project she would like to use her experience and painting skills to uncover the hidden life of our community.

Attila Szabo

Attila Szabó is a Belfast based visual artist.  Originally from Debrecen, Hungary, he moved to Northern Ireland in 2008 at the age of 14 with his family. Since graduating from Ulster University in 2018, his art practice has continued to be an ongoing process of trying to understand the mechanics of surprise.  Attila's aim in this project is to create an art piece that metaphorically reflects on some of the magical factors of Belfast

Viviana Fiorentino

Viviana is Italian and moved to Northern Ireland in 2013. In 2018 she was awarded two Italian poetry prizes and had a collection of poems published by Arcipelago Itaca. Her poems have also appeared on literature blogs and international literature magazines.  In 2019, Viviana published a poetry collection (Controluna Publishing House) and her first novel (Transeuropa Publishing House), for which she was invited to present at the Belfast Book Festival 2019. A selection of her poems will be published by Dedalus Press in October 2019, for the anthology ‘Writing Home: the New Irish poets’.

In December 2018, she worked with Maria McManus, Nandi Jola to organise the poetry event ‘Sky, you are too big’ in Stormont, tackling the themes of migrating, belonging, displacement, fear and the sense of home.

Viviana is passionate about communicating and sharing her love for literature with people who study Italian as a second language and outside a strictly academic context.

Dragos Musat

Dragos Musat is a professional artist, musician and graphic designer originally from southeastern Romania.

Exposure to Western pop culture, science-fiction and the explosion of '90s cartoons and radiophonic drama peaked his curiosity in the rich array of creative expression the world has to offer. 

His musical compositions sample everyday found sounds, guitar playing and traditional Romanian folk music.  Within this project Dragos would like to deal with themes of interpersonal exploration and the empathic journey of the human heart through sound.

Belonging, a showcase of the work developed through this programme, will take place on Thursday 27th February in Vault Artist Studios. Find out more about Belonging