Sonja Sleator

Sonja Sleator singing guitar
We asked local musician Sonja Sleator to tell us how she found her experience with EastSide Arts Festival and our Emerging Artist Programme which aims to support up and coming talent. Sonja has performed in Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco at Sunflower Festival and Ont' Sofa in London. She also featured on the Norman's Rare Guitars Youtube Channel in L.A. 
During EastSide Arts Festival as well as supporting Kaz Hawkins in concert she also provided us with an intimate performance in the EastSide Visitor Centre.

"Getting involved in this year's EastSide Arts Festival was a great experience for me. The whole team were really supportive of what I was doing and we worked together to discuss the best options for me to play events which suited my style and my music.

Playing Kaz Hawkins show in the Park Avenue Hotel has really been a highlight of my musical career so far. The audience were really appreciative and that atmosphere made it a wonderful gig to play. I think I even got a few new fans on the night!

Going forward I'm looking forward to working closely with the EastSide Arts Festival for more events and I'd urge any aspiring musicians in east Belfast to get in touch and see how they can get involved." 

Check out brand new music by Sonja. Her new EP called Adams dropped just yesterday:

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