Raquel McKee

Raquel is a wife, mother of four, a teacher, actress, poet and proprietor of Rainbow Storytelling and Dramatics. Raquel completed a Masters in Arts Management at Queens University Belfast and volunteers with ACSONI, advocating for African and Caribbean arts and artists in Northern Ireland. She earned a nomination for best supporting actress in the Rose Bowl Awards (2000) for her role performing as Calpurnia in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ with the Kelvin Players (Bristol). Racquel is our featured artist this week and is telling us about her experience with The Home Project which she participated in last year. This intercultural project in partnership with Terra Nova Productions asked participants to work with community groups to create a new piece of work based around the question "What does Home mean to you?"

"The Home project really helped me believe in myself and stretch myself. To have mentors as talented and skilled as Nick Boyle, Andrea Montgomery and Tom Finlay encouraging and challenging me it really developed a level of confidence that is needed to compete in professional circles.  Moreover, it was a privilege to work with and convey the stories of the community group.  I feel a bond with the group which I treasure.  The Home project was a very significant move in my career." -Raquel McKee.

Applications have just opened for the 2017-18 Home Project: Food for Thought. If you are an emerging artist and would like to get involved email jacqueline@eastsidepartnership.com or click below for more information:


Raquel is currently performing in 'Lives in Translation': brand new production by Kabosh theatre company. Lives in translation is touring in various locations around Northern Ireland between 25 October - 4 November. The tour kicks off during Belfast International Arts Festival in the new S13 Venue on Boucher road. See where your nearest performance is by visiting www.kabosh.net



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