Ursula Burns

The Dangerous Harpist

Ursula has proven to be a huge hit with our audiences and is certainly not just your regular harpist as her performances combine comedy and song. During EastSide Arts festival the witty Ursula had her crowd in an uproar with few people was expecting to have so much fun. Ursula is a talented recording artist, composes her own music and is well versed in live performance both locally and internationally.

"It has been so exciting to watch the development of the Eastside Arts Project. I was honoured to compose music for "The White Witch” written by Maria Connelly last year. The project was stunning and coincided with the unveiling of the CS Lewis Square, which has transformed that part of Belfast. Such a beautiful part of the city, exploding with vibrant creativity. When i performed Comedy in the Big Top for this years festival the atmosphere was electric and the gig has been the highlight of my year so far. Well done to Eastside Arts. Thank you for creating the space and the platform for artists to create and perform new work." - Ursula Burns

Come see Ursula perform during C.S. Lewis Festival in her 'Belfast Bankers' studio. This will be a free event for you to attend so make sure to visit The Belfast Bankers Monday 20th October 6.30pm.


The Dangerous Harpist by Ursula Burns

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