EastSide Arts - Making east Belfast a More Creative Place

Many different things make somewhere a great place to be.  At EastSide Arts, the thing we focus on is creativity.  Creativity expands perceptions.  It makes people take a second look.  It shows people what they are capable of, and challenges them to be more than they are.  We create art with people through our engagement programmes, and showcase the work made by people at our events and festivals. We are proud to be part of EastSide Partnership, a regeneration organisation that has been making east Belfast a better place to live, work and visit for more than 20 years.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to inspire EastSide residents and visitors by celebrating east Belfast, nurturing creative talent and delivering excellent programmes and events

The EastSide Arts Board consists of: 
  • David Alderdice (Chair) 
  • Rachael Davison, Walkway Community Centre Manager
  • Maurice Kinkead, CEO, EastSide Partnership
  • Mimi Turtle, CEO, Strand Arts Centre
  • Finn Kennedy, Artist 
  • Fiona Bell, Deputy Director, thrive​
  • Councillor Máire Hendron, Alliance Party