Work with Us


Are you part of a residents group or community organisation? Are you a business owner or passionate local person? We are always open to talking about the arts and supporting you to get more creative with the people you care about.  

Whether you’re interested in our work, want a steer on an amazing artist to collaborate with, or just need a little bit of guidance around creative activities, we are here to help. 

We really value local knowledge and would love to know what’s important to you and your community so get in touch with Aimee for a cuppa and a chinwag! 


We work collaboratively with artists, venues, facilitators, organisers, event managers and community organisations to develop all of our programmes and events – it’s our favourite part of the job! So if you have an idea that you think might work or you want to be included in the EastSide Arts Festival programme, please email Rachel to set up an initial chat.

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