Big Kid’s Society

Now a staple of the EastSide year-round programme, the Big Kid’s Society is a strictly-for-adults monthly creative social night, with the bonus of no grown-up responsibilities or expectations!

Established as a response to the fact that the majority of creative pop ups are held in the city centre, and therefore not accessible to everyone, BKS events are hyperlocal and always in welcoming cafe spaces, free from booze, so you can bike, walk or drive to the event with no worries about getting home safely.

Led by wonderful artists from our Big Kid’s Collective, the socials are all about trying something new and having a laugh at the same time. Fancy something different with your mates? Need some inspiration for date night? Or maybe you like to fly solo?! With everything from clay heads to painting Monet and embroidery, we’ve got just the thing to get you chatting, crafting and chilling out.

The society is open to all experiences and backgrounds and you don’t have to class yourself as ‘artsy’ to get involved – just let your hair down, stuff your face with sweet treats and be a big, creative kid!

The Big Kid’s Collective is made up of 6 visual artists working locally. Check out their work for more info!

Kerrie Hanna

Ed Reynolds

Alison Pascoe

Elaine Taylor

Hillhead Crafts

Hank’s Yarn Parlour

If you're interested in discussing a bespoke Big Kid's Society event for your community group or event please, whatever the size, get in touch with